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Facila Exercises - Book
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Facila Exercises - Book
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Facila Exercises - Book
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Natural-skin-care-products - offers face, body, hair care products, including; anti-aging, wrinkle treatment; products for man, women and children facial exercises, skin care tips.

Facial Exercise Information:

Ayurveda, an ancient Indian science used massage and facial exercises as a key to maintaining skin health and preventing wrinkles. The Indian traditional theory maintains that nurturing the body, mind and spirit creates an inner harmonious balance that is reflected in one's health and appearance.

Regular facial exercise is a basic beauty treatment for Russian women, certainly not an indulgence. Massage and facial exercises is a maintenance regimen for stimulating muscles and keeping the skin in place.

Senta Maria Rungé is the originator of facial exercises and has devoted almost three decades to the developmental method of face lifting by facial exercise. Shortly after the introduction of this face exercise method, through a daily half-hour syndicated television program, the effectiveness of her free facial exercise method was demonstrated.

Books such as … by … are currently available that concentrate on the method of very efficient facial exercises and facial muscle exercises to do that will lift the face naturally and restore a youthful contour. This is possible through the amazing free facial exercises that utilize the principle of shortening facial muscles through isometric exercises.

Nature’s 10 best tools for taking care of your face are literally in front of you. Your own convenient massage machine – your fingers - can be use almost any time or place as you exercise for the face by unfurrowing your brow or relaxing your jaw with these facial exercise. Your fingers during face exercises are a cost-effective way of reducing stress, relieving tension and improving the overall appearance of your skin. Mind-body disciplines, acupressure, massage, yoga and free facial exercises all have do-it-yourself beauty face exercises you can use for a holistic and affordable face-lift.

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Effects of Facial Exercises:

Start free facial exercises NOW to achieve a more youthful look.

Are you tired of wrinkles in an old face? Do you want to achieve a vibrant glowing ageless face? Get the same results as a face lift with free facial exercises!

  • Face exercises are effective in retaining a vital youthful look.

  • Facial exercises help you glow with health.

  • Facial exercises are great wrinkle fighters.

  • Facial muscle exercises promote a smooth, ageless, anti-aging skin.

  • Facial muscles eventually lose their elasticity and go slack, saggy and baggy even though you have followed a disciplined skin care regimen.

  • Tension headaches caused from jaw clenching and squint lines that occur from peering at computer screens can be alleviated by doing regular facial exercises.

  • Facial exercises boost blood circulation to the head increasing oxygen to the face which can also eliminate toxins and create a healthy youthful appearance.

Tone your facial firmness with facial exercise

Lines, wrinkles, folds and bags are the supportive facial muscles going soft. Facial exercises benefit the vitality of the supportive facial muscles and improve the skin tone and strength.

Facial muscle exercises for all ages

Facial exercises are for mature as well as the young – those fighting an aging face and those striving to maintain their youthful appearance need exercise for the face.

Facial exercises do not create wrinkles or baggy skin

Free facial exercises are not as radical as the facelift, but assist in achieving a younger looking face.

Free facial exercises

Facial exercises don’t take much time and simply and easily achieve the ageless face with a non-invasive method.

Fitness of the face is as important as the body, so do regular free facial muscle exercises to maintain results. Don’t let your face down, free exercises for the face are essential whether you are jogging outdoors, playing sport, exercising in the gym. There are many exercises for the face to include in your daily facial muscle exercise regimen.

Some facial exercises are necessary for specific areas:

  • Facial muscle exercises for neck and throat

  • Facial muscle exercises for lips and cheeks

  • Facial muscle exercises for eyes and forehead

Some facial exercises to practice are:

  • Face tapping – facial muscle exercises that stimulate the circulation

  • Ear massage – a face exercise makes your face glow

  • Throat massage – beautify your neck with this face exercise

  • Gum stimulation - another facial exercise to promote healthy gums

  • Temple pressures – this facial exercise lifts the eye area and whole face

  • Exercise your mouth – lip lines are lifted with these facial muscle exercises

  • Under-chin slaps - these facial exercises will sharpen your jawline

  • Hair massage – this face exercise will promote hair growth as well as soothe headaches.

  • Face Stroking – do this exercise for the face regularly to soothe, relax and generally uplift your mind as well as your face.

Do-it-yourself exercises for the face are cheap and non-invasive helping you to balance and heal you from within, where beauty originates.

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A facial exercise program can reduce or eliminate the following problems that you may have, and help you look younger:

  • Furrows in the forehead are reduced through facial exercises

  • Puffy and droopy eyelids can be eliminated with face exercises

  • Facial exercises are good against Crow's feet

  • Bags and circles under the eyes are helped with face exercises

  • Sagging/loose skin on the face can be eliminated with exercises for the face

  • Facial exercises alleviate the tight/gaunt look about the face

  • Lines around the lips, especially the upper lips need facial exercises

  • Drooping or protruding lips are also eliminated with regular exercises for the face

  • Loose, hanging skin under the chin and neck are significantly reduced with facial exercises

  • Facial exercises help against wrinkles and stress lines

  • Regular face exercises will reduce the lack of color and vitality in the face

1. A facial exercise program is scientifically based on anatomy and physiology.

2. Stress is a universal phenomena and can be alleviated by regular exercises for the face which are genetically acceptable.

3. These facial exercises are fun to do.

4. The exercises for the face are adaptable and can be custom made for your particular condition.

Follow these guidelines when doing facial exercises:

  • When doing exercises for the face start with clean hands and face.

  • Never stretch or pull at your skin when you do your facial exercises because they can lead to wrinkling.

  • When doing facial exercises use the pads of your fingers, not the tips, to avoid scratching the skin.

  • Don't do face exercises if you have acne, eczema, sunburn or any other inflammation.

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