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Dr. Perricone, a dermatologist and anti-aging expert has researched the causes and cures of aging skin. The result is an all-natural antioxidant program for skin rejuvenation. His skin program is already used widely as a wrinkle cure, and his groundbreaking methods to attain beautiful, supple skin is contained in his new book The Wrinkle Cure!

The Wrinkle Cure: The Power of Cosmeceuticals for Supple, Youthful Skin:

"Plastic surgery isn't the only way to keep the aging process at bay. In The Wrinkle Cure fabulous skin beyond your sixties is possible, promises author Nicholas Perricone, M.D. He explains in The Wrinkle Cure why skin wrinkles and sags. It is a combination of factors including the passage of time, stress, poor nutrition, excess alcohol consumption, sleep deprivation, and exposure to cigarette smoke, sunlight, and pollution. Ultimately, he explains his philosophy in The Wrinkle Cure as damage caused by those renegade free radicals.

The bulk of The Wrinkle Cure text is devoted to a skin care regimen that involves oral and topical antioxidant therapy. In The Wrinkle Cure he emphasizes eating antioxidant foods, such as cantaloupe and dark green leafy vegetables, and avoiding "bad carbohydrates such as pasta, sugar, and pancakes. Eat "fish, fish and more fish," he states in The Wrinkle Cure. In The Wrinkle Cure he explains how we accelerate the aging process, what we eat increases wrinkles, why men age better than women, how damaging the noonday sun can be for the wrinkle cure. For a wrinkle cure, use the "Three-Day Nutritional Facelift" and decrease unwanted pro-inflammatory reactions in the body.

On the topical level in The Wrinkle Cure, he recommends nutritional skin products that can only be purchased at specific places, or his personal line of "cosmeceuticals" wrinkle cure. His wrinkle cure topical treatment is used to reverse skin damage caused by age, the sun, the environment, hormonal changes and other factors. He also advocates an all-natural wrinkle cure program. This antioxidant plan revitalizes your skin from the outside and inside and effectively is the ultimate wrinkle cure.

The wrinkle cure combines cosmeceuticals with healthy nutrition and Dr. Perricone's approach to the wrinkle cure can produce a flawless complexion. The goal of the wrinkle cure is to improve the nutritional environment of the skin resulting in a more radiant appearance.

  • The foundation of this remarkable wrinkle cure program begins with one of the most common vitamins: C utilized to banish wrinkles and fine lines.

  • Alpha lipoic acid. a natural molecule, found in every cell of your body, is the single best nutrient to soften, smooth, and refine every skin type in the wrinkle cure.

  • An instant face-lift via DMAE that stabilizes your skin cell membranes, removes under-eye bags, firm neck lines, even give you fuller lips as an effective wrinkle cure. The non-invasive plan is a better wrinkle cure than plastic surgery.

  • Part of the wrinkle cure involves a full nutrition plan including skin-savvy supplements, including a form of vitamin E showing remarkable promise for rejuvenating aging skin.

  • The wrinkle cure is the ultimate skin care companion and your guide to a lifetime of flawless, wrinkle-free skin.

  • The wrinkle cure is proving you can turn back the clock and defy the aging process by looking years younger in days, without surgery.

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The Wrinkle Cure Diet:

The wrinkle cure diet consists of eating the following meal twice a day for three days in a row, with the remaining meal of the day following the wrinkle cure concept of staying away from pro-inflammatory foods.

Protein: Cell Repair:

The first important item in this wrinkle cure anti-inflammatory meal is salmon. Salmon is high in protein and repairs cells. Salmon contains high amounts of an essential fatty acid that nourishes the skin and gives it a radiant and beautiful appearance.

Fats: Your Skin Needs Them:

The wrinkle cure diet needs adequate amounts of essential fatty acids to be healthy. DMAE, when eaten in larger amounts, can increase muscle tone and decrease the appearance of sagging. DMAE in topical form is applied to decrease sagging and increase tone in the wrinkle cure concept.

Greens Are Good; Dessert Even Better!

The second portion of this wrinkle cure anti-inflammatory meal is a dark-green salad with olive oil and lemon juice dressing. Dark greens contain antioxidants acting as natural anti-inflammatories that contain small amounts of essential fatty acids.

The Dessert portion of the wrinkle cure diet are bright, colorful foods that contain high levels of antioxidants e.g. mixed berries and a slice of cantaloupe, loaded with antioxidants and vitamin A and water that hydrates us.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate:

Speaking of hydration, we must drink eight to 10 glasses of pure water a day. Green tea can be included in the wrinkle cure diet and part of the 8 to 10 daily glasses.

The other meal in the wrinkle cure diet must contain a good source of protein, essential fatty acids, and healthy fruits and vegetables. This wrinkle cure diet will cause a tremendous difference in your appearance and the way you feel. The wrinkle cure diet will create mental clarity, an elevation in mood, and energy that will complement the way you look.

The premise of the wrinkle cure diet is that:

  • The wrinkle cure diet decreases inflammation in the body

  • The wrinkle cure diet allows the brain to function better

  • The wrinkle cure diet elevates the mood

  • The wrinkle cure diet makes the skin more radiant, resolves dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, tones the skin and diminishes fine lines

  • The wrinkle cure enhances the skin which is a reflection of our internal health

  • Once our skin improves, all other vital organs also improve with the wrinkle cure diet 

  • The wrinkle cure finally decreases the risk of disease we suffer 

The Wrinkle Cure book promises that you will look 10 years younger in days without surgery with this all natural program that has already helped thousands, no matter your age.

New from Source Naturals: The Wrinkle Cure - facial cream with anti-wrinkle nutritional supplements offer an aggressive approach to skin health and reducing wrinkles. These cream combinations rejuvenate the skin penetrating all parts.

  • Different antioxidant systems work on the wrinkle cure for the diminishing of wrinkles and fine lines.

  • The sun protection factor (SPF) is also a vital part of the wrinkle cure.

  • Vitamin C has been researched extensively concerning connective tissue strength in the wrinkle cure as well as DMAE in the wrinkle cure program.

  • Some wrinkle cure products will not only temporarily reduce the appearance of wrinkles but also enhance and accentuate facial contours and firmness.

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Botox Injection Treatments are another wrinkle cure:

Botox wrinkle cure is an effective treatment for wrinkles and fine lines. Some of these lines are exacerbated by certain facial expressions. Examples include: the frowns between the eyebrows; the raised eyebrow lines across the forehead, Crow¹s Feet lines around our eyes, evident when we smile or squint. Botox is the wrinkle cure for this natural aging process. We can maintain a more natural and youthful appearance with Botox treatments that claim to be the wrinkle cure that can reduce or eliminate these age lines.

Botox is a purified medicated wrinkle cure that temporarily weakens the underlying muscles. This wrinkle cure is safe and effective, administered by injection into the areas of concern during office visits.

This wrinkle cure treatment can usually be appreciated within one to four days and lasts for up to six months. The Botox wrinkle cure reduces facial aging with out down time. The Botox wrinkle cure has become the most common cosmetic procedure.

The Facial Flex Ultra is a wrinkle cure that combines facial muscle exercises with dynamic resistance that strengthens the muscle. This wrinkle cure tones and conditions the muscles of the face, chin and neck to accelerate the skin’s renewal process. This combined wrinkle cure done regularly tones, uplifts and redefines the facial appearance.

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Facial exercises can be an effective wrinkle cure?

Contrary to popular belief facial muscle exercises do not cause wrinkles, but rather eliminate them and act as an effective wrinkle cure. They are essential additions to any wrinkle cure program. Each muscle does a certain job, and others counter the movement. Be sure to include these daily exercises in your wrinkle cure program. They are easy and affordable wrinkle cure treatments. These daily exercises will help to tone the face muscles and provide a wrinkle cure. Facial exercises will help return the muscles to their natural shape as they provide an efficient wrinkle cure.

Facial exercises in your daily wrinkle cure routine improve your skin condition. Facial exercises do not eliminate your regular wrinkle cure regimen, but they do enhance the quest for a younger and healthy glowing skin.

A wrinkle cure regimen that involves regular facial muscle exercises work better than you can imagine. These anti aging skin care facial exercises make you look healthy and even younger. Whichever wrinkle cure regimen you choose, facial muscle exercises must be completed two or three times a week to retain the youthful and radiant glowing look.


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