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Contrary to famous mistaken belief, you should not wait until you are desperate, crazy or at your end to visit a psychologist. Again, since life has so many challenges, not every challenge you come across will require the attention of a psychologist, particularly if you are surrounded by a good support system of family and friends. Many people can find help from a psychologist Kallangur based at certain times in their lives. At times you may exhibit signs that help you know that you need help of a psychologist. However, sometimes you may be unsure of how you feel. So, how do you know that you need to book an appointment with a psychologist? Below are points to help you out.


Feeling angry, sad or not yourself

If you experience uncontrollable hopelessness or sadness, it could be an indication of a mental problem which can be improved through proper treatment. However, in case you have unusual high appetite or sleeping for a long time or less, avoiding being with friends and family or simply feeling off, you may need to talk to a psychologist Kallangur has today, before the condition gets out of hand.  You should not wait until the point when you wonder if you are worth living, or be haunted by terminating your life.

You can’t help feeling distressed

If you experience a problem that leads to distress which persists for more than few weeks, it is an indication that you require the help of a professional such as a psychologist in Kallangur.  Some psychologists’ diagnosis will require for patients to show symptoms for a certain period of time. For instance, for you to receive depression diagnosis, you should have experienced depressive symptoms continuously for about two weeks.

You no longer function normally

Being distressed for a long time can affect your ability to do your daily activities, whether as team members, employee, a friend or a parent. This may be particularly evident at your place of work. Any Kallangur psychologist will agree that stress and depression might lower people’s productivity at work or lead to absenteeism.

You cannot cope with life normally

Of course there is no one best way of coping with challenges or stress. However, some coping strategies are not good or effective for you, and they may be an indication that you require help from the best psychologist Kallangur has today. For instance, if your coping involves spending excessively, drinking alcohol, or eating a lot of food, you may require immediate help.

The people who love you are concerned about you

Whenever you are going through an experience that troubles you, it is very important to talk to your colleague, a teacher, a relative, or a friend that you trust.  However, if they start wanting to know if you are okay, or asking you if you are well, this could be a warning sign. If somebody else has realized that your behavior is strange, it might be an indication of a serious problem that requires help of a psychologist.

Although life is full of challenges, and actually challenges make life worthwhile, you should not allow challenges to lay you down. Having a professional such as a psychologist Kallangur has today can help you move on without getting weighed down by these challenges.

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